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Custom Logo or Design

Do you have a business logo or a custom design that you would like to use on our aprons or other products? Yes, we can do that! We've had many years of experience in specializing in custom logo embroidery, screen-printing, and full-color DTF printing.


Embroidery vs. Screen Printing vs. Full-Color DTF Printing

We offer three imprinting methods on our aprons, embroidery, screen printing, and full-color DTF printing. In general, embroidery is a little higher cost, but no minimums are required, where screen printing can be more economical for larger quantities and do require a minimum of 12 aprons. DTF printing offers the best option for full color logos and designs and there are no minimums required. Here are some basic descriptions of each method:

Embroidery is the process of actually stitching your design directly onto the fabric of the apron. The final results are very attractive, high quality and durable enough to last for the life of the apron. Your design is recreated by our graphic artist into a stitch format (digitized) and is the best choice for simple graphics and logos. There are no minimums with embroidery, we can do as little as one apron.

Here are some sample embroidery jobs we have completed:

Screen printing is the process of printing the designs with specially formatted ink and is also very durable and long lasting. Screen printing is often the best option for designs that have a lot of fill area that would result in a higher cost with embroidery due to the high stitch count. Due to the significant time involved in the setup of screen print jobs, there is a minimum of 12 pieces per print job.

Full-Color DTF Printing is the process of printing the designs directly to film, which is then transferred to the aprons with a high-quality, professional heat press. This process offers a very vibrant, full-color print that can include fine details, unlimited colors, and color gradietns, as well as photo-quality images. There are no minimums required.

Pricing for Custom Aprons

Pricing for custom products can be tricky. Unlike our competitors, we do not display a low ball price to draw you in and then tack on a huge "processing" fee or "digitizing" fee on the tail end. Every job is unique. The pricing varies quite a bit depending on a number of factors to consider in order to give you the best price possible based on your particular job preferences. Quantity ordered, type of imprint (screen print or embroidery), complexity of the logo or design are all factors to consider when pricing jobs out. We have done many simple screen printed aprons for as little as $13 an apron and simple embroidered aprons for under $20. There are setup costs for both embroidery and screen printing. We have a one time cost of just $25 for creation of an embroidery file, compared to many of our competitors who charge as much $50 to $100 for this service. We waive this charge for any orders of 12 or more embroidered aprons. Screen printing setup varies depending on how many colors are in the design as a screen has to be created for each color. Screens are usually $15 per color.

For an exact quote we prefer to see the details first and our quote form is about as simple as it gets. Please submit one today and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Apron Options

We have two sizes for adult aprons and 2 sizes for child aprons to choose from. They each are available in 12 popular colors. Below are the available colors and a size chart for the available sizes:

Customer Reviews

Here's a sampling of reviews from some of our happy custom logo customers: